TracyReaderDad’s First E-Book Experience

Those who follow this blog know that I have been resisting e-books.  To me, there is nothing like the smell and feel of a REAL book.  However, progress is progress and I am softening my stance.  Besides the technology is cool.  (See my Technical Blog,

This weekend I saw a posting on Facebook by John Gilstrap.  He mentioned that he has just taken his first steps into the e-book world and gave two links.

Since I really enjoyed “No Mercy” by John Gilstrap (click on John’s link to the right).  I figured I’d give his links a try.

Here are the steps I took:

I  downloaded the free Kindle for a PC as per the link John gave on his Facebook entry:

The download and installation went smoothly.

Then I went to “Fresh Kills, Tales from the Kill Zone” link on Amazon and downloaded the e-book ($2.99 is very reasonable).   Here is the Amazon link:

I had to go back onto the Kindle software to complete the download but once I did that, I had “Fresh Kills” on my computer.  (I hope Amazon got my $$ since I had not gotten an indication that they did.)

The free Kindle user interface and usage is lacking. It was hard to find John’s  “In the After”.  I could not jump to it, nor were the stories broken up into easily accessible chapters, and the titles are all clumped together.  I went page by page until I found it, then bookmarked it.  That worked.  🙂

I read the story quickly (well, as quickly as I can read).  It was VERY good, about a writer and his wife being held accountable for a past article that caused the suicide of the terrorists father.   4 WaterTowers.  🙂


Since I sit on the computer all the time, reading a short story on it was fine.

I probably would prefer the Kindle (or Nook..see my intro of the Nook on this blog) since the screen is better for intense reading than my laptop.

OK, I’m changing…I’ll probably get an e-reader at some point but will still buy real books.

3 thoughts on “TracyReaderDad’s First E-Book Experience

  1. I have had a Kindle since it was first released and love it! Still have the Kindle 1. I too love the feel and smell of books but with an hour commute on BART I found that lugging a book around was becoming a bit much. Plus I am a multiple book reader, I like to read more then one book at a time, and found that lugging multiple books around was weighing my backpack down. Now with the Kindle I can carry hundreds of books at a time plus I love to just surf the Amazon Kindle bookstore and try book samples. I have purchased a ton of ebooks just because I downloaded a sample and started reading and couldn’t stop.

    Recently I have switched to mostly reading my Kindle books on my iPhone. Yes the screen is smaller but I do find it easier now then lugging the Kindle around. But I still love the overall Kindle experience plus being able to read something on my iPhone and then having it auto sync the last read position on my Kindle and from the Kindle to my iPhone is incredible. I never lose my place now!!!

    I have held out getting a Nook or a new Kindle for the iPad. I am already prepared to get one (since I have begin doing iPhone apps) and I am sure it will be replacing my Kindle.

    Anyway…the reason I even started to reply to your post was I wanted to say that the experience of reading off a PC is NOTHING compared to actually reading from a Kindle. Once you have the ereader in your hand the experience of holding an electronic device quickly goes away and you and the book become one…just like a real book.

    I would hold off on getting either the Kindle or Nook and wait and get an iPad since you get so much more then just an ereader with an iPad. Of course I am a HUGE Apple fanboy but could have been considered a big huge Kindle fanboy too 🙂

    Anyway…just my 2 cents on the entire matter! 🙂



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