"The Eyes Are the Gateway to the Brain" by Mike Pihlman

George loves technology.  Always has.  He loves being the first to conceive, design, build, and test the next cool device or piece of software.  His designs are useful.  Every now and then….one is groundbreaking.

Desktop videoconferencing, using a web cam, allows people to call others from their computer and see them.  The uses for this technology, especially in the medical field, are unlimited.  But to be effective in certain applications, identification of the caller is required. Toward this end, George has spent years designing a laser-based eye identification system embedded in web cams. Positive identification, first time, every time.

The person making the call is the person meant to make the call.  Very useful.

This past year, George has seen his department’s budget decrease.  No longer can he, or others, push the state-of-the-art in medical technology.  No longer are his customers (many of them handicapped or ill) benefiting from his innovative designs.

The committee of five have slashed budgets in many departments to the bone.  The money taken is now being used by the inner circle for travel to conferences, seminars, classes, and for new more powerful computers.  For them.  Everyone else suffers.  Too bad.  For them.

The weekly videoconference  started right on time.  The committee of five sat at their desks and opened their eyelids to be identified by George’s latest laser based ID system.

Hours later their bodies were discovered.  Brain matter oozing out their noses and ears…..fried.

Budget cuts to George’s department prohibited detailed testing before release.



Copyright Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman, March 30, 2010.  This is a work of fiction.


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