Mike Pihlman

"Pins and Needles" by Mike Pihlman

Genre:  Horror

Paul hates his Boss.

Boss makes him open the Embroidery store early in the morning, work long hard hours, then close it late at night.  He pays little and expects everything.

Paul knows what to do.

He spends the night rigging the large embroidery machine that Boss will use in the morning to eject 6 inch pins and 10 inch needles at the operator.  The thought of Boss lying in a pool of his own blood, looking like a porcupine, keeps Paul diligently on task.

Paul watches Boss walk in.

“Why am I floating?”

Boss turns on the large machine and is instantly pelted with hundreds of pins and needles.

“Ow, why does this hurt?…I’m falli……”

Paul was sole proprietor.


Copyright April 5, 2010 Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is a work of fiction but I’d like to thank Paul Heally of Tracy Embroidery for the idea and Larry Hite future Council person in Tracy, for the title.

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  1. Hey Mike…How about a story about a guy who is a crime scene cleaner and he ends up cleaning up his own blood and guts at a crime scene? There’s an Alfred Hitchcock for you!

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