Book Review: "Prime" by Nate Kenyon

Genre:  Science Fiction / Cyberpunk

Rating:  5 WaterTowers

My first Nook e-book.

Since this was a novela by Nate Kenyon (who by the way spurred my interest in horror (with a little help from Bram Stoker) with “The Bone Factory”….see the review under Nate to the right), I will keep this review short..a reviewlet.  🙂

“Prime” is awesome…just plain awesome.  See ya….ha, just kidding, I have to say a bit more.

Will Bellows is a bug hunter.  The best.  In a world where people spend much of their lives in a virtual world, humans are cloned, and corporations control what you think via your alpha brain waves, Bellows is special.

With corneal implants, Bellows can blink into cyberspace, and blink out again…a toggle switch to an alternate virtual life and back.  Cool.

Several people have died recently due to a bug in the software.  Bellows is hired to find that bug and destroy it, by any means possible.

Entering the code at the main server in New London Tower,  Bellows can hear the bits, watch the data streams, see the people using it, and feel the good code versus the bad.

He finds a formidable opponent in the bug, and barely escapes to the real world.

Unfortunately, he also finds trouble in the real world.  Arrrghhh….

To find out more about what happens, pick up the book (e-book version or real….hmmm, there is a parallel there).  If you like technology, science fiction, human nature, love, hate, greed, and hope based sometime in the future….you will love “Prime”.   I could not put it down….(my wife thinks it was the Nook…nope, it was another 4 letter word starting with an N…Nate).

Nate Kenyon is brilliant,  a master,  and is firmly entrenched high on my favorites list.  I thank him for my current love of  the horror genre (see my micro-horror stories under my name to the right) and now “cyberpunk” ?  Is that right?  Oh cool check out WikiPedia on Cyberpunk

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