Book Review: “The Rule of Nine” by Steve Martini

Book Review

Genre:  Thriller

Rating: 5 WaterTowers

Paul Madriani, Harry Hinds, and Herman Diggs are once again in the sights of the Mexicutioner also known as Liquida.

Not good for their health.

Jimmy Snyder was new at his job and a bit too friendly.  He showed a man the inside of a super secret area where the man took pictures while Jimmy watched.  After this, Jimmy was afraid for his job knowing he screwed up royally.  What he did not count on was being dead.  Liquida took care of all his worries, and to make life a bit more interesting, Liquida left Madriani’s business card in Jimmy’s wallet.

Knowing that Liquida is looking for him, Madriani and Diggs arrange for Sarah Madriani (now 22 years old) and Harry to disappear, while they set out to get Liquida once and for all.  FYI, Liquida is very smart, and he wants Sarah then Paul, in that order.

The Old Weatherman is dying.  He wants to change the course of history before he passes away.  His plan includes Thorn, an operative for evil, and an old “friend” Senator Joshua Root, whom he blackmails to do his bidding.

Thorn has the plan, and sets out to implement it.  At one point, Jimmy’s father gets in the way. Liquida to the rescue, and another roadblock is cleared.

Thorn’s biggest thorn in his side, however, are Madriani, Diggs, and Joselyn Cole (from one of Martini’s stand-alone books  “Critical Mass”) a former lawyer now activist with contacts in governmental high places.  Joselyn happens to know Thorn (also from “Critical Mass”), and the pieces come together,  for Madriani, tying Liquida in with Thorn.

The chase is on.

Madriani and company follow Thorn (with no help from the FBI) to Puerto Rico then to Washington DC, while uncovering the Old Weatherman’s master plan to change the government and history with one stunning blow.

“The Rule of Nine” by Steve Martini is a can’t-put-down book full of action, intrigue, and political commentary.  For those who read Martini and know the characters, you will be, alternately, on the edge of your seat, and crying your eyes out.

This is how the books ends.


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