Book Review: "Pursuit of Honor" by Vince Flynn

Book Review

Genre: Thriller

Rating:  3.5 Watertowers (Rapp wraps up “Extreme Measures”)

Six days after the events in “Extreme Measures”, Mitch Rapp, his boss, CIA Director Irene Kennedy, and Mike Nash are trying to find the surviving terrorists.

Several Senators and many civilians and government employees who were having lunch at a famous restaurant are now dead.  Mitch and Mike took care of the terrorists invading the National Counterterrorism Center, but, not before a total of 185 people died in Washington DC that day.

Karim, Ahmed, and Hakim made their escape.  They fled to Iowa and an isolated house they purchased previously via an attorney in NYC.  The only problem is Karim (the terrorist leader) is becoming more and more unpredictable, and Hakim (Karim’s lifelong friend) is becoming more and more hostile to Karim.

No matter what, their plan is working.   They have effectively disappeared and have the luxury of sitting tight and waiting until the world settles down.

But that is not to be.

One day, shortly after their arrival, a father and son decide to go hunting on the property belonging to the owner of the old house.  Being decent folks they asked permission to use the land.  Hakim had the matter completely handled when Karim burst out of the house killing both father and son. This action triggered a very strong rebuke from Hakim who was severely beaten by Karim, and now they had to leave.  A deadly road trip ensued until Hakim escaped vowing to take his best friend down.

Meanwhile, Rapp has been following information leads and capturing and questioning people who have information related to the attacks.  Nash is becoming concerned about Rapp’s motives and methods (remember “Extreme Measures”) and in the process is losing his edge.

The American people need a hero.  Rapp and Kennedy plan to give them Nash (since, in reality he was).  The only problem is that covert operators and publicity do not mix, so Rapp had to get Nash to accept the medals and public admiration on the sly.

Watching the news, Karim sees Nash get his medals, and hears the President call the terrorists “cowards”.   This sets Karim off and he and Ahmed head back to Washington DC to prove to the world they are not cowards…

“Pursuit of Honor” is simply “Extreme Measures”,  Part 2.  The characters are the same and the story follows the events of the previous book.  As such, it is more subdued as Rapp, Kennedy, and Scott Colemen and company uncover the evidence needed to capture the remaining terrorists.

Do they succeed?


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