Ebooks vs Books for the Environment

Scanning the Internet today I ran across an interesting article by “The Green Lantern” in The Washington Post.

In it, GL proposes that, overall, ebooks are better for the environment than a paper book.  Very cool.  🙂

Here is one example:

In its lifetime, a book generates about 7.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents.   An iPad generates about 130 kilograms, and a Kindle is estimated to generate 168 kilograms.

Doing the math (ie dividing 130 / 7.5 and 168 / 7.5) This means that if you read about 18 books on an iPad, or about 23 books on a Kindle….you reach the point where you are helping to save the environment.


The article goes into more detail, so please click the above link for more interesting facts.

My Thoughts?

Multiply these savings millions of times over, and the world (at least the environment) will be a better place.

Now if we can only fix the economy……


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