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Color Nook


Just when I started to love my Nook….along comes a new suitor for my affections.

I heard from my wife via text and then friend 3Pigs (yeah…ok that is an alias) that the Nook was now out in color.  Crap….I have been so distracted with (and the complete loss of THIS blog yesterday….notice the new look and all the broken links…arrrghh) that I completely missed this.

Our good friends at PC have the full story, but, apparently the color Nook is awesome.

Sporting a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 with 16 million colors and 8 Gig of RAM (do they still call it RAM?) and a slot for a micro-sd memory chip.   It is running Android 2.1 and has integrated WiFi.  Good enuf for me!

Big question?  Is it slow as molasses like my Nook or did they speed it up? says it has a kids section where the color Nook can read to a kid…pretty cool, but, I need to see it.

It has Facebook and Twitter access….geeezz…..when I read I want to get AWAY from that!  Arrrghhh…..

Oh well….I’ll see if I can play with it at Tracy’s Barnes & Noble this Friday….and give a first hand account of what I think below.  Until then…go read the article…very cool.

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