The New Barnes & Noble Nook: Taking it for a Spin

 (Barry Eisler rocks!)

Sandra at the Tracy, CA Barnes & Noble held this up for me to see when I sat down in my favorite spot.  I jumped up, took it, and spent 30 minutes or so playing with it.

VERY nice!

Having the old Nook; I found out that this one is much faster, has a full touch screen display (how many times have I tried to touch the large part of the screen on the old Nook?  LOTS!), uses e-ink technology (for those of us who read by the pool in full sunlight), and offers WiFi connectivity.  Memory expansion is possible.

It does NOT run (oddly) Android apps or have a browser.  I suppose B&N meant it to be simply an e-reader for books and magazines (but, I’m sorry, color is why I like Magazines (see pic below)…I would get the Color Nook if magazines, or surfing the Internet, or playing games were my thing….as it is….I READ, so this is PERFECT).

This new Nook is smaller and lighter than the original making it quite a bit easier to hold for that looooonnnngggg reading session.

One thing that bugs me is I could not adjust the font size.  I looked everywhere…

Hey, B&N…THAT can be a problem as we all get older.  If you can adjust it…make it a lot easier to find!  🙂

Here is what it looks like reading a story:

Here is what the Library looks like:

And lastly….this is cool if you are addicted….you can connect to your favorite social media outlet or new ones being introduced by Barnes & Noble.  You can also add contacts.


This new Nook is very nice, but, I think the gray scale e-ink display will appeal to the READERS not the surfers or gamers who happen to be readers.

No matter, it is easy to read (except for the small font size) and easy to hold.  Using the full screen is more intuitive that the original Nook where you only had that tiny area to touch…

Fathers Day?  Birthday?  I am perfectly willing to say goodby to my old Nook and embrace the touch screen new Nook.  🙂

Kristen works there now….do I get a Dad discount?

Sandra in the background.  🙂


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