Book Review: “Blood Drive” by John Grisham

“Blood Drive” is  short story from “Ford County Stories” by John Grisham

Genre: Cozy (?)

Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Three rednecks driving to Memphis to save a friend)

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Bailey was working in Memphis when he got hurt and sent to the hospital.  The details of his condition were varied, but, the town-folk of Box Hill, Mississippi were sure of one thing….he needed blood.

Volunteering to drive 2 hours to Memphis, Wayne “Aggie” Agnor,  Calvin Marr, and Roger Tucker drove off with food and money and gas.

What follows is a terrifically surprising short story (all of 44 pages long) filled with booze, sex, shotguns, pistols, gang fights, a barroom brawl, beer, lap dances, naked women….all the things you would expect from three rednecks on a drive to help save their friend.

Terrific read.




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