Book Review: “Trader of Secrets” by Steve Martini

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5 WaterTowers

Picking up where “The Rule of Nine” left off, Liquida leaves the garage severely wounded by Herman Diggs (who is lying in a pool of his own blood).  The Mexicutioner gets medical attention then heads out to the farm in Ohio to kill Sarah Madriani.

In Ohio, Sarah proves to be both extremely stupid and extremely lucky. Liquida’s stiletto gets stuck in Sarah’s aluminum water bottle, and Bugsy, the Dobermen she is running with, attacks Liquida forcing him to flee.

With Herman recovering from the knife wounds that nearly killed him, Paul (Madriani), Harry (Hines) and Joselyn (Cole) follow Liquda around the world from Washington DC, to Ohio, to Thailand, to Paris, and finally, to Mexico.

As a bonus, following Liquida puts them onto the person who is hiring him, Bruno Croleva, and two defectors (one of them is the “Trader of Secrets”) from a super secret NASA program that has the potential to kill everyone on Earth.

Madriani and crew not only are after Liquida, but, now, have to save the world. Luckily they have help….

But do they succeed?  You will have to read “Trader of Secrets” to find out…

“Trader of Secrets” is an AWESOME mind-boggling read.  End to end action, great characters (both old and new), technology, and settings that will knock your socks off.

I have said this before and I repeat:  Martini is THE Master.

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