Nook Simple Touch for Christmas 2011

A couple of years ago, I was DEAD set AGAINST e-readers.  I thought the world was ending and I made it perfectly clear that I would NEVER stop reading a “real book”.  The smell and feel of a good book….sorry I will never get an e-reader.  NEVER!

Fast forward a year or so, and Lori bought me a Nook e-reader for Christmas or Birthday…I forget which (AH!!  It was Father’s Day 2010).  It was nice.  I read my first book on it (“Prime” by Nate Kenyon, see my review).  The book was great, but, so was the Nook.  And I got a free coffee at B&N just by showing them my Nook.  NEVER?

Fast forward to today (Dec 27, 2011), and I am debating visiting Galen at Barnes & Noble Tracy, CA to see how hard it would be to return all the books I got for Christmas and putting them on my NEW NOOK Simple Touch e-reader.  Long live the NOOK!

Why the change?

Hmmmm, let me list a few reasons:

1. New books don’t smell the way they used to, or my nose ain’t as good as it used to be.

2. I have decided that it is the author’s writing that matters.  And that won’t stop without books.  Not only that…the author is free’er to express themselves.  Read Barry Eisler’s e-short story “The Lost Coast” (my review) to see what it is like to read a freed up Eisler.  WOW!

3. After reading the entire Harry Potter series (mostly in hardcover) and now the “Game of Thrones” paperbacks my arms, fingers, and hands are TIRED!

4. I can go to B&N, sit in my normal seat, chat with Galen, and use the Nook to read locally available books, buy a book, lend a book, or show a coupon for more coffee.

5. I am a geek after all….and these things are getting good!

Using it

The Nook is super easy to use.  I can flip the pages just like I do in a book…I just swipe my finger on the screen and I am on a new page.  I like the default font and size, but, that can be changed.  The clarity is amazing!  See the picture below (click to enlarge).

I can buy a book, subscribe to a magazine or newspaper, and if I really wanted to, connect to FB, Twitter, and / or my Google email (but…I will NOT do any of those).

I can press the screen in the middle of the page and get the time, the battery usage, the title of the book, and more.

When I am writing a book review, I can search!

It is light, easy to hold, and very easy to read.

Why did I pick the non-color Nook Simple Touch?

While sitting here at AltamontCowork…I surf the Internet, check my email, hit Facebook, Google+, etc. etc. on my computer.  At home, I surf the Internet, check my email, hit Facebook, Google+, etc. etc. on my computer or cell phone.

The Color Nook (or similar Amazon Fire and other “Tablets”) are good at doing what I already am damn tired of doing all day long, and not very good at letting me READ by the pool in the bright California sunshine.

When I read…I want to READ.  The object is to get away from reality and into my own fantasy world (mind out of the gutter!!!), I don’t want my book to bing me when an email arrives, and I damn sure don’t want to surf the Internet before Harry fights Voldemort, or Mich Rapp kicks some ass, or heads fly at Winterfell.

The Nook Simple Reader is just that….a Simple Reader.  I can read anywhere (I have a light I used with books in the dark or in daylight by the pool) and all I want to do with it is: READ (and the e-ink is awesome).

As long as it stays reliable (my old Nook needed frequent re-booting) I am happy.


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