Book Review: “Snatched” by Karin Slaughter

Genre:  Mystery


“Snatched” is a novella approximately 63 pages long.   Special Agent (with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Will Trent has been put on bathroom duty at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport watching for those searching for sexual encounters of the same (or different) kind.  It is punishment.

Sitting in a bathroom stall waiting for the next encounter, Will finds so much more.  A man brings a young girl into the bathroom, and Will immediately knows something is wrong, but, does not want to do anything unless he is absolutely sure.

Unfortunately, that moment of hesitation leads to the man and girl escaping Will’s immediate reach and then leading airport security, local police and the GBI on a mission to find this girl before something really bad happens.

You will have to read “Snatched” to see what happens.

I totally enjoyed “Snatched”.  Short and satisfying.  I definitely plan to read more Karin Slaughter books.

(oh yeah….I read this entirely on my Motorola smartphone using the Nook app…very cool.)


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