Book Review: “The Admiral’s Mark” by Steve Berry

Genre: Thriller

(Interesting Historical Adventure)

Eight years before we get to know Cotton Malone, he lost his brother-in-law, Scott,  to drowning while Scott was diving in Haiti.

The circumstances of this drowning were routinely handled by the authorities in Haiti and if it were not for Cotton’s wife (her sister was married to Scott) insisting that Cotton take a closer look at the situation, everything might have been forgotten as soon as Scott was put in the ground.

While in Scott’s apartment (looking for clues), Cotton is surprised by two men also looking for clues.  He hides from them but learns that Scott may have been deeply involved in something shady.  Travelling to Haiti, Cotton digs deeper and with some help from a boat owner he finds tantalizing evidence of something potentially VERY interesting.

As soon as Mossad comes into the picture….you know Scott was in WAY over his con-man head.  Thus his death.

“The Admiral’s Mark” is another short story about 40 pages long.  The locale is interesting (Haiti) and the origin of The Admiral’s Mark intriguing  (hint 1492).  🙂

I read this short story entirely on my Motorola smartphone using the Nook app.

My how times have changed!


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