Book Review: “The Hobbit” by JRR Tolkien

(Rousing Adventure)

Hobbit Bilbo Baggins was perfectly content being home in his hole in the side of the hill.

One day, wizard Gandalf visited Bilbo and invited him to go on an adventure.  Normally, the hobbit, who was perfectly content to stay home, would refuse, but, Bilbo had a bit of the rebel in him from the Took side of the family.  That Took side stirred and Bilbo headed off on an adventure.

What he encountered was the adventure of a lifetime.  He, and his 13 dwarve companions encountered trolls, goblins, wargs, elves, eagles, and a creature who is famous for the word “my presssious”.   Luckily, Blibo was adept at helping everyone escape harrowing situations.

“The Hobbit” is a classic.  Fast paced adventure at it’s best.  I decided to re-read it since next month the movie comes out.  I am glad I did, as I enjoyed it much more than I did in the first reading…


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