Book Review: “The Law of Second Chances” by James Sheehan

law of second chances review

Genre: Legal Thriller

3.5-Watertowers (Exciting Courtroom Drama, Sad)

“The Law of Second Chances” is book #2 in the Jack Tobin series.

Jack ‘Johnny’ Tobin is still living in Bass Creek, Florida with his wife, Pat.

He is practicing small town law, after leaving his large Miami law firm, representing death-row inmates. In “The Mayor of Lexington Avenue” Jack was unsuccessful in his attempt to save Rudy, but, he is now trying to save Henry Wilson from execution.

With no time to waste, Jack has a lot of work to do just to get the wheels of justice moving in Henry’s direction. Unfortunately, the happy couple find out that Pat has stage 4 ovarian cancer and has to undergo aggressive treatment to have any chance of saving her life. Jack wants to drop Henry’s case, Pat wants him to keep going.

In NYC, small time thug Benny Avrile hooks up with a beautiful woman who convinces him to rob an oil magnate. During the robbery, that oil magnate is shot in the head and killed. Benny is shocked, but, is seen bending over the body then running away. He is arrested for murder. The District Attorney tells the investigating police to stop investigating the murder case…something fishy is going on.

Attorney Sal Paglia is monetarily depleted with no prospects when Benny’s father asks him to represent his son. Since this is a high profile case, Benny feels he can make enough money to pay his bookie off and takes the case. He does a credible job digging up facts and preparing his defense. Until he was murdered.

“The Law of Second Chances” weaves the two major plot lines (Henry’s stay of execution and Benny’s arrest for murder) with flashbacks to Johnny’s youth as a football player with the “Lexingtons”.

All the stories converge as old friends re-unite and Jack tries to put his life together.

The last 150 pages roar like a freight train to the conclusion.


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