Book Review: “The Guilty” by David Baldacci

the guilty 2

3-Watertowers Goes Home)

Genre: Thriller

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Will Robie, assassin, has his shot lined up. He patiently waits for the person to come into view, and when he does, Robie fires his long range sniper rifle. At that instant, the daughter of the man that is being shot walks behind him and also dies as the bullet passes though the mark and into her.

Robie is upset.

Returning home, he learns about the arrest of his estranged father (who he has not seen or talked to in 22 years) for murder. With his childhood on his mind, as well as the little girl, Robie fails to pull the trigger on his next assignment.

Something is wrong. Robie is losing his touch.

Blue Man tells Robie to take some time off and go home to take care of unfinished business with his dad.

Robie goes.

Problem is…..all hell is breaking loose in Cantrell, Mississippi and Robie is caught in the middle. Now it is up to him (and Reel) to solve a series of murders, or die trying.

To find out what happens, you need to read the book.

“The Guilty” is not one of Baldacci’s better outings. The first 300 pages are crackling good but, then it drags and over complicates the story for the last 100 pages or so. Even so, it is an interesting look into Robie’s life before he becomes an assassin.



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