Book Review: “The Cottoncrest Curse” by Michael H. Rubin

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Genre: Mystery

4-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews(Excellent Murder Mystery)

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Today: Cottoncrest Plantation, Louisiana

An old man and his teenage grand-daughter arrived, with a busload of tourists, at the Cottoncrest plantation for a tour.

Instead of taking the morning tour, the old man sits outside with his grand-daughter  and tells her a story about her great-great-grandfather, Jake Gold, the “Cajun Jew” peddler and his relationship with Cottoncrest.

Inside the house, the docent tells the tourists that the Cottoncrest Curse was blamed for the murder / suicide of the owners in 1893.

1961: Cottoncrest Plantation, Louisiana

The younger version of the old man, a student in college, travels to Petit Rouge Parish to meet with the current owner of Cottoncrest. The student had recently completed a research project on Cottoncrest and wanted to confirm some of the facts.

After the student left, the current owner commits suicide.

The Cottoncrest Curse is blamed…

1893: Cottoncrest Plantation and Petit Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Colonel Judge Chastaine and his beautiful wife lie dead on the stairs in Cottoncrest. Rebecca’s throat has been slit all the way through to the spine, nearly decapitating her. In his sorrow, Colonel Judge then committed suicide…..shooting himself in the temple…..falling on top of his beloved wife.

The Cottoncrest Curse is blamed for the deaths….

Jake Gold is a peddler pushing his cart and selling his wares throughout Petit Rouge Parish. His best item for sale was a line of knives that far surpassed the quality, and sharpness, of any American made knife.

Because of these knives, Jake comes under suspicion for the murder of Rebecca and Colonel Judge. Fearing for his life….he runs.

“The Cottoncrest Curse” is an excellent murder mystery spanning over 100 years from 1893 to Today. Southern life after the Civil War and racial / religious tensions and prejudices are vividly depicted in 1893 and 1961.

But…..there is a secret. A secret that changes everything.

To learn more….you will have to read the book. 🙂



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