Book Review: “The Wolves of Midwinter” by Anne Rice



Genre: Gothic Fiction

“The Wolves of Midwinter” is the second book in “The Wolf Gift Chronicles” series.  See my review of the first book  “The Wolf Gift”.

Reuben Golding has adapted to his life as a Morphenkinder in the Nideck Point mansion he inherited after the murder of Marchent Nideck.

Felix Nideck and his distinguished friends have returned to the mansion after a 20 year absence. They too are Morphenkinder and can change into wolf form when needed, or desired, to fight evil or to hunt.

Reuben’s love, Laura, had a choice to make…..whether to stay human or take the Chrism to become a Morphenkinder, but possibly die in the process.  She decided to become Morphenkinder and is now under the care of Thibault until she can control the changes.

Preparing for the Yuletide celebrations in Nideck Point, Felix has invited the Forest Gentry (ghost-like ageless beings who roam and protect the forests) and other Morphenkinder to attend the wonderful celebrations he is arranging.  However, distinguished gentleman, Margon, is concerned about these invites fearing the worst.

Meanwhile, Marchent’s spirit appears to Reuben and he is afraid she is a tortured soul unable to move on.  Felix asks the leader of the Forest Gentry, Elthram, to help Marchent.

To see what happens as the Yuletide celebration plans proceed, you will have to read the book.  🙂

“The Wolves of Midwinter” is an enthralling continuation of “The Wolf Gift Chronicles” where we meet new ageless ones and follow the lives of the Distinguished Gentlemen, Reuben, Stuart (bitten accidentally by Reuben), and Laura.



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