Book Review: “Rogue Lawyer” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

Sebastian Rudd is a criminal defense attorney.  Is he part of a large law firm with fancy offices and high hourly rates? Nope. Rudd’s office is a fully decked-out van and his paralegal / driver / bodyguard is an ex-con named, Partner.

Rudd is rude, crude, and divorced from a venomous attorney (Judith) with a son in 2nd grade, (Starcher).  Sebastian loves the attention of the media and will only take criminal cases that no one else wants.  Defending the worst of the worst, his life is constantly in danger:  Thus Partner, and the (legal) concealed weapon.

“Rogue Lawyer” is a bit different than most books in that it consists of several different cases that are more like complete short stories each with a beginning, middle, and (sort of) an end.  But, a thread from each story (told in chronological order)  carries thru the book unifying the stories with Rudd’s life.

Gardy is arrested for killing two girls. All the “evidence” points to his guilt, but, despite his goth appearance and defiant attitude, Rudd defends him.  Is Gardy guilty?

Link Scanlon is about to be executed…his last appeals, handled by Rudd, have been rejected. With only hours of life left, all hell breaks loose in the prison with Rudd inside.

Doug and Kitty Renfro lead a normal, quiet, tech free, life. One night, the SWAT team busts down their door and kills Kitty.  Why?  Rudd comes to Doug’s defense.

Jiliana Kemp disappeared a year ago.  The daughter of the city’s top cop, Jiliana’s body has never been found. Criminal Arch Swanger “hires” Rudd and tells him he knows where to find Kemp’s body. But Rudd can’t talk to the police (attorney privilege)… they force him to talk.

Cage fighter Tadeo kills the referee after losing a fight.  Rudd takes the case even though video proves Tadeo’s guilt.

Throughout each of these short stories, Rudd battles his vindictive ex for continued visitation rights and finds lust with a 2nd grade teacher.

“Rogue Lawyer” is a fun read that just stops at the end of the last short story.  I suspect a sequel is in the works?




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