Book Review: “The Saboteur” by Andrew Gross

Genre: Historical Thriller

“The Saboteur” is an ARC sent to me by the publishers.  It is due in “stores” August 22, 2017.

Not to ruin the story, as this is fiction after all, but, go to this Wikipedia article to learn more about the real events that inspired this novel.  An inspiring history lesson.

Kurt Nordstrum was born and raised in Rjukan, Norway.  In addition to spectacular mountain vistas, skiing, and fjords, Rjukan is noted for it’s proximity to a production plant where they made fertilizer…..ammonium nitrate to be exact.

Since World war II started, the Nazis (who now occupy Norway) took over the plant, the Norsk Hydro, and turned it into a heavy water production plant.  Heavy water is a critical element in the design of a future atomic weapon.  The Nazis are designing an atomic bomb, and if they succeed, the German’s will win WWII.

The production of the heavy water in Norway needs to be stopped, and the British, loyal Norwegians, and Allies mount an effort to stop the production, with Kurt as a critical part of the team.

“The Saboteur” is an excellent book (is there such a thing as a “historical thriller’?) deftly weaving fact and fiction into a fascinating, hard to put down, story of bravery, daring, and love of country and family.  These few brave men saved the world as we know it.  I loved it!  Andrew Gross has a new fan. 🙂


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