Book Review: “S is for Silence” by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery

34 years ago (1953)

Violet Sullivan, mother of seven year old Daisy, and wife of a fists-first alcoholic husband, Foley, goes to the 4th of July fireworks show in her home town and never returns.


Kinsey Millhone’s acquaintance, Sneaky Pete’s bartender Tannie, asks Kinsey if she can help her childhood friend, Daisy, come to grips with what might have happened to her mother, Violet, 34 years ago.

After 34 years, Daisy is still holding out hope that her mother simply took off and might be alive and well, or, if she is dead, she wants to know.

In short…..Daisy wants (needs) closure.

Kinsey is reluctant to take the case since it is so old and the chances of finding out what happened to Violet is so remote as to be a waste of Daisy’s money and time.  But, Tannie and Daisy, are adamant, and Kinsey agrees to 5 days at $2500, but, no more, just to see if she can come up with an answer or, at the very least, a lead.

What Kinsey finds is a tangled web of deceit, pain, cheating, greed, and worst of all…….SILENCE.

“S is for Silence” is a little different than the last 18 books in this series in that Kinsey is off in another town digging for cold-case clues while interviewing all those who are still alive and who knew Violet.  There is only the barest mention of Henry, Rosie, Lt. Dolan and Cheney…..i.e. the regular crew.  That took me some time to get used to.  And I really needed some index cards of my own to keep track of all the people Kinsey was interviewing…

But in the end, Kinsey found that “thread” and the case unraveled before our eyes.  Excellent.  🙂



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