“T is for Trespass” by Sue Grafton

“T is for Trespass” by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery

In “T is for Trespass” Kinsey Millhone, Private Investigator, has a few interesting cases to solve in her hometown of Santa Teresa, CA.

Leaving her apartment one morning, Kinsey hears a faint moaning sound. Ruling out a cat, dog, or baby, she investigates, and with her landlord, Henry’s, help (he has a key to the house next door) finds that their neighbor, 89 year old Gus, has fallen and he can’t get up.

After a brief hospital stay, they are told that Gus needs help to get around while he recovers at home. His only living relative, Melanie, lives 3000 miles away, but, she comes out and arranges for a nurse, Solana Rojas, to watch over Gus.

Kinsey does a quick background check on Solana and finds no issues.  But, over time, Kinsey and Henry begin to suspect something is terribly amiss.

Solana Rojas is not who everyone thinks she is…..

In a separate case, Kinsey is hired by the attorney for a car accident defendant to investigate the accident. During her investigation, Kinsey finds that there was an eye witness and good samaritan who might have information regarding the cause of the accident.  But he has disappeared, and no one knows his name.

Kinsey uses all her investigative skills to track this person down, and who she finds, shocks her to her core…..

“T is for Trespass” is one of the best in the Kinsey Millhone series.  A terrific read filled with twists and turns and eye popping revelations.  Kinsey’s trusting nature puts her behind the eight ball until she realizes she needs to play a different game……before someone she loves dies.

Unlike in “S” Kinsey stays in Santa Teresa and the entire cast of regulars are involved.  Comforting.  🙂

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