Book Review: “The Whistler” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

In 2010, seventeen years after the events in “Witness to a Trial” an informant is filing a complaint with the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct (BJC) against Judge Claudia McDover.

Judge McDover, the informant claims, was in bed with the Catfish Mafia in 1993 to get a casino built on Indian lands (and share the profits) when Junior Mace was found guilty of murdering his wife and his friend….then sent to prison to await execution.

BJC attorneys / investigators, Lacy Stoltz and Hugo Hatch, meet with the informant (Greg Myers) to see if there is enough information for the BJC to start an investigation into the Judge.  There is.

As Lacy and Hugo begin their investigation it becomes apparent that they are venturing into dangerous waters and that they must be very very careful how they proceed.

Well…..things don’t go as planned as the closer they get to finding information against the Judge and those backing her……bodies start piling up.

Do Lacy and Hugo take down Judge McDover or does she, with the help of the Catfish Mafia, get away with murder?

To find out what happens, you will have to read the book.

“The Whistler” is a fast, exciting, realistic thriller that shows how a corrupt Judge (backed by criminal elements) can control the outcome of trials…..and make a fortune doing it.


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