Book Review: “The Romanov Ransom” by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

Genre: Thriller

Crimea, 1918

The Dowager Empress, Maria Feodorovna (of the Romanov family), sends her trusted servant, Pyotr, to deliver a ransom of jewels and Faberge eggs, her entire fortune,  to save her son and his family from execution.  But, Pyotr smelled a set-up and before the ransom was delivered he killed his Bolshevik driver and took the ransom.  Pyotr then hid the treasure letting the Dowager Empress know that her life was in danger and that she must leave.

After WWII, 1947

Nazi sympathizer, Ludwig Strassmair takes his 12 year old nephew, Klaus, to Buenos Aires, Argentina to strike a deal with the Nazis to fund their “Operation Werewolf” campaign. Ludwig has “The Romanov Ransom” and will use that fortune to fund the Nazi resurrection.  But…..on a plane to Santiago, with the ransom on-board, young Klaus does as his mother suggested before he left on this journey: “Follow your heart”.

Present Day

The Fargo Foundation is funding two scholars, Selma’s cousins, doing research on the Nazi ratlines (escape routes after WWII). They are missing and Sam and Remi decide to head to Morocco to see what they can uncover.

What they find (in addition to the two scholars) is a race by multiple organizations, some good, some very bad, to finally find the long lost Romanov Ransom (the two scholars think they know where it is).  Sam and Remi join the fray, but, by doing so, they put themselves in the cross-hairs of the remaining Nazi Werewolves…..who will stop at nothing to acquire the ransom.

Will the treasure be found?  Bigger question: Will Sam and Remi survive?

To find out, you will have to read the book.

“The Romanov Ransom” is a fantastic read. Fast, action packed, intrigue as the Fargo Foundation founders embark on a dangerous worldwide (Morocco, Germany, Argentina, and beyond) search for the Romanov treasure.

Note:  “The Romanov Ransom” is much smoother than “Pirate” as I suspect Robin is getting in the ‘Sam & Remi groove’ on her second book with Clive.  Will there be a third?



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