Here is a List of the Books I Read in 2018

I read 22 books this year!  Not my best year, not my worst, but, overall, not bad for a slow reader. 🙂

21 of the books were “real” books (made with paper) and 1 was electronic (made with bits).

Obviously, I prefer the smell and feel of a real honest-to-goodness book, and I am glad the electronic versions did not take over the world of books like it looked like might happen a few years ago.  I am also glad that small bookstores seem to be making a comeback in 2018.

I am definitely looking forward to 2019 as I already have a full bookshelf of books to be read. Oh, in case you are wondering…….Blaze will be 4 years old in January. He sure is a good boy and a great helper.

Enough talk… are the Thrillers / Mysteries I read this year… order.

“Forced to Kill” by Andrew Peterson

blaze and forced to kill

Andrew and I are friends on Facebook and for some strange reason I am going VERY slowly catching up on Nate McBride. Only 10 years between the first book and this one, the second. I will catch up quicker in 2019 as they are terrific thrillers…I promise.

“The Romanov Ransom” by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

blaze and the romanov ransom

Again, Robin and I are Facebook friends and fellow Northern CA residents (hmmmm, Andrew too). Robin is now writing the Fargo Series by Clive so I have caught up (well….I read the first book, then skipped to Robin’s). Great fun! Can’t wait for the next one.

“Black Powder War” by Naomi Novic

blaze and black powder war

I LOVE the Temeraire and Laurence series. Temeraire, in case you don’t know, is a very intelligent, powerful, yet kind….dragon.

“City of Sharks” by Kelli Stanley

blaze and city of sharks

If you have read this blog you know that Kelli is a special special friend. Kelli was there for us when Carol died ( and then I tried to be there for her when her parents died. We have gotten together several times since and, well, we have a special bond. This year Kelli will be a judge for the 2019 Carol Phan Memorial Scholarship applications. I love Private Detective Miranda Corbie, but, alas, all good books come to an end. 😦 I am definitely looking forward to the next series…..

“Firestorm” by Solange Ritchie

blaze and firestorm

The publishers sent me this book as an ARC. I loved the the story (brutal!!!) and hope to pick up the next book in the FBI Forensic Pathologist Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers series soon. Writing this reminds me…..:-)

“Origin” by Dan Brown

Blaze and Origin

What can I say other than this is another fantastic book in the Robert Langdon series by a true master.

“The Rooster Bar” by John Grisham

Blaze and the rooster bar

Another instant classic in this stand-alone novel about law students, debt, deception, and…..death.

“The Escape Artist” by Brad Meltzer

Blaze and the escape artist

Brad Meltzer, who is one of my original favorite authors, way before I started this blog, (thus the lack of book reviews), kills it again. Must read.

“President’s Shadow” by Brad Meltzer

blaze and the presidents shadow

I was in Brad Meltzer mode! 🙂 I learn soooo much about history from Brad. Love it.

“The Gray Ghost” by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

blaze and the gray ghost

Robin whipped out another Fargo book in short order! Fun adventure. 🙂 Is Robin a man or woman? Find out here….:-)

“Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence


Carole and I first became friends when she was writing the Lee Campbell series as C.E. Lawrence. With this new series (kinda based on the exploits of a VERY famous detective) about Edinburgh Detective Ian Hamilton I am waiting anxiously for the next book. This was an ARC sent to me by Carole….electronically. 🙂 NOTE: I photo-shopped the book to be with Blaze.

“Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

blaze and vicious circle

The next book in the Joe Pickett / Nate Romanowski series. Freakin awesome. Someday I hope to meet C.J. Box….if anyone knows him…..:-)

“Nemesis” by Jo Nesbo

blaze and nemesisi

Norwegian Detective Harry Hole is a drunken, damaged, person who also happens to be a great detective. This is book #4 in the Harry Hole series. Unputdownable.

“Everywhere That Mary Went” by Lisa Scottoline

blaze and everywhere that mary

After trying to figure out the first book in the “Rosato & DiNunzio” series, I finally asked on Facebook. 🙂 Loved it, and already have book #2 in the series on the bookshelf in the queue for 2019. I know who Mary DiNunzio is but still have NO CLUE who Rosato is…..guess I will find out soon. 😉

“Red War” by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills

Blaze and Red War

The saga of Mitch Rapp continues. Vince Flynn was (with Brad Meltzer and Baldacci / Grisham and, yes, Mills) among the authors who introduced me to thrillers. But….Vince was first. And Mitch Rapp was my first experience with a series character. There is a special place in my heart for Vince Flynn / Mitch Rapp and as such, I am an official “Mitch Rapp Ambassador”. This was an ARC sent to me as a Mitch Rapp Ambassador, and as usual for Kyle Mills….it is fantastic.

“Bonfire” Krysten Ritter

Blaze and Bonfire

I picked this book up after I read the summary, and because, well, hey, it was written by Jessica Jones. So shallow of me. But…..what a great book! I hope Krysten writes more. And if anyone knows her, I’d love to meet her too….right after C.J. Box. 🙂

“U is for Undertow” by Sue Grafton

Blaze and U is for undertow

Crying……I will be reading the next few Kinsey Millhone books with tears in my eyes. The alphabet ends with “Y”. :-(((((((((

“Orphan X” by Greg Hurwitz

Blaze and orphan x

Again, I took a very long time between my first Hurwitz book and this one (9 years!). Evan Smoak is a complex character with two lives. One, a kindly man living in an apartment, one a killer who helps those who call this number: 1-855-2NOWHERE (try it….very cool, just leave off the last E).

“The Nowhere Man” by Greg Hurwitz

blaze and nowhere man

I was in the mood for more Evan Smoak (and also determined not to let another 9 years go by between Hurwitz books…haha). I gotta ask the boss (Lori) for #3, becasue there will be Smoak in 2019 🙂

“The Fix” by David Baldacci

blaze and the fix

David Baldacci is one of my original favorites….and still is. I am pretty much caught up. If he would slow down a bit, I might have a chance to totally catch up. 🙂 Except for the Camel Club, Amos Decker is my favorite Baldacci character.

“Congo” by Michael Crichton

blaze and congo

Decided to read a classic. Crichton rocked our, Jurassic, World. Next!

“The Last Assassin” by Barry Eisler

blaze and the last assassin 2

Barry and I have emailed, he has sent me a few ARC’s, and we are Facebook friends. He is another author I would love to meet, but, that is totally on me since I know when he has things going on in the Bay Area. I decided it was time to catch up on john Rain. This book was signed by Barry when he stopped at the Tracy, CA Barnes & Noble a few years ago…..

First book in 2019….sticking with John Rain: “Requiem for an Assassin”

Happy Reading!


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