Book Review: “Legal Tender” by Lisa Scottoline

Genre: Thriller

If you read my last review on “Everywhere That Mary Went” you know that, at the end of my review, I lamented about not knowing who Rosato is: Now I know.


Bennie (Benedetta) Rosato and Mark Biscardi are equal partners in the Rosato & Biscardi law firm, based in Philly.

Until recently, Mark and Bennie were together in more ways than one. Now Mark is dating another lawyer, Eve Eberlein.

Bennie is a bit jealous but is trying to put aside personal feelings for the good of their small law firm. To make matters more difficult, Bennie is also dealing with the declining health of her mother. Despite all that, Bennie is staying fit by rowing a scull on the river and running steps at a local college football stadium….overall, life is good.

Until Mark tells her, out of the blue, that he is leaving the firm and starting his own, with Eve. Not only that, he is staying and he has found her an office to move to.


Taken totally by surprise, Bennie and Mark argue and, the next day….

…Mark ends up dead. Stabbed multiple times sitting at his desk.

Guess who the main suspect is? You got it…..Bennie.

All hell breaks loose as more people die and Bennie is on the run.

To see what happens you will have to read the book. 🙂

“Legal Tender” is a fun, action packed, thriller with lots of chills, thrills, and twists. A great read with a great protagonist.

[back to my opening statement]

……since this is a series “Rosato & DiNunzio” or “Rosato & Associates” (depending if you believe the book’s cover, or inside the book on the title page) I expect to see the same characters to, at least, make a showing in the next books. No such luck in “Legal Tender”….Rosato is the main character while Mary DiNunzio is nowhere. “Legal Tender” is basically a standalone. Looking ahead at the next book (“Rough Justice”) in this “series” I only see another new character mentioned. As someone who is expecting a “series”, I am (very) disappointed that these are, so far, standalone novels.


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