Book Review: “Everywhere That Mary Went” by Lisa Scottoline

everywhere that mary went
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Genre: Mystery

Mary DiNunzio has been an attorney at Stalling & Webb, a Philadelphia based corporate mega-firm, for the past eight years. She and two others, Judy Carrier and Ned Waters, are up for the two partnership slots that will be opening up in a couple of months.

Not wanting to screw things up, Mary is working on eggshells making sure everything she does is perfect.  And she is doing very well, including her recent oral argument win in, the very tough, Judge Bitterman’s court.

If all goes smoothly for the next two months, Mary hopes to land one of the two partnerships.

Only one problem: Someone is stalking Mary.

Not stalking in the the normal sense, this is hang-up phone calls when she gets home and when she gets to work, laser-printed notes sometimes sent via inter-office mail, a large black automobile following her and almost running her over….

And death.

Mary’s best friend, Judy (yes, the same Judy up for Partner) suspects Ned (yes, the same Ned up for Partner), and also the same Ned who Mary is attracted to, and has been dating, and telling everything to as she stresses out about the stalker….


Needless to say, Mary has to be very careful as she decides to takes the steps necessary to find the stalker. If she reports the incidents to police, the resulting investigation might jeopardize her partnership opportunity, but, if she does not report it, she may be the next victim.

To find out what happens, you will have to read the book.  🙂

“”Everywhere That Mary Went” is a fast, fun, introduction (published in 1993, so the technology is quaint) to Mary DiNunzio, her family (her twin sister, Angie, is a Nun), her friends, and the “Rosato & DiNunzio” series.  By the way, I still have no idea who “Rosato” is, or is going to be.  Guess I need to read #2 in the series: “Legal Tender” to find out.

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