Book Review: “Moment of Truth” by Lisa Scottoline

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Book Review

Bennie Rosato is out of the office for the entire month.

Her law firm, Rosato & Associates, is in the very capable, but, inexperienced hands of Mary DiNunzio and Judy Carrier.

Working late one night….the phone rings.

Perfectly happy (except she is a Catholic with loads of guilt) to let the call go to voice mail, Mary gives in to Judy’s reminder about guilt and answers the phone.

On the other end is a man, Jack Newlin, who is in police custody for confessing to the murder of his wife, Honor Newlin.

Will the person who answered his call be his lawyer?

Mary is VERY hesitant since she has only helped Bennie on two murder cases, but, Judy, ever the go-getter, tells her to accept!

Reluctantly, Mary agrees to help Jack, but, Jack, a prominent lawyer himself at a high-priced law firm in Philly, wants Mary (the hesitant woman who answered the phone) to take the lead.

Mary agrees, but, little does she know that the following days and weeks will put her life in danger as she tries to unravel the truth from the lies…..

Will Mary figure out the truth? Or not? Or…….bigger question……

Will Mary survive?

To find out, you will have to read the book. 🙂

Book Review: “Moment of Truth” is a can’t-put-down fast paced mystery / thriller with my favorite Rosato & Associates lawyer taking the lead role!

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