Book Review: “The Devil’s Star” by Jo Nesbo

Genre: Thriller

“Tick, tick, tick.

…Harry, his eyes closed, had counted the nine hundred ticks from the Rolex watch on the wrist of the blood-covered arm on the lift floor, and….

Tick, tick, tick.

After the events in the last book, “Nemesis”, Detective Harry Hole took a turn for the worse by falling, once again, into a self-pitying drunken stupor.

After 4 months in a drunken haze, his boss at the Oslo Police Department, Bjarne Moller, has finally reached the end of the line…..and fired Harry. The letter of firing is on the Chief’s desk waiting to be signed when he gets back from holiday in a couple of weeks.

Rakel and her son Oleg have likewise taken a step back as they wonder what life will be like without Harry (who Oleg loves), and Rakel is baffled by.

Harry has two weeks left to work as a policeman, and luckily for him, a serial killer has just emerged, giving the police, and Harry, all they can handle trying to find him or her before the next murder occurs.

The victims each have had a finger on their left hand removed and a Devil’s Star diamond (a 5 point pentagram) placed on them or on the missing finger mailed to the police.

There are clues that Harry figures out: The murders all occur at the tips of the star, each victim lives on the 5th floor of a building, each murder occurs 5 days after the previous murder, and…….

Too find out what happens you will have to read the book. 🙂

“The Devil’s Star” is a terrifying, complex, gruesome, murder mystery by a true master. Harry is brilliant but damaged, and even though he now knows who murdered his old partner, Ellen, he has been powerless in his efforts bring this demon to justice or to stop the demons in his mind. Until now.


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