Book Review: “V is for Vengeance” by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery


Phillip Lanahan is a young kid with a gambling problem. Losing badly (like all the time) he seeks out the local , Santa Teresa, CA, loan shark hoping to score $10,000 which he will then turn into a fortune and pay all his debts back in a jiffy.

We all know how that will work out…..

Meeting with Lorenzo Dante Jr. (known as just Dante) in his posh Downtown offices, Phillip gets his $10,000, promptly loses everything, is thrown off the roof and dies. Oooops, gambling is bad for your health.

2 years later..

Kinsey Millhone, a Private Investigator in Santa Teresa, is shopping at Nordtrom’s when she spots an older woman shoplifting some very expensive clothing items. She also spots a younger woman assisting her. Concerned, she tells the cashier, who in turn calls security. The younger woman escapes, but not before she almost kills Kinsey with her car, while the older woman is arrested.

A couple of days later, the older woman, Audrey, apparently jumps to her death from a bridge.

Case closed……oh, wait, not exactly as Kinsey is asked to look into Audrey’s death by, of all people, Audrey’s husband.

The pieces fall into place and what Kinsey finds is a tangled web of organized crime, deceit, murder, cheating spouses, ultra rich families, gangsters, and….so much more. All dating back to the events of 1986.

“V is for Vengeance” is one of Sue Grafton’s best. Gritty, interesting new characters that Grafton fully develops as the plot deepens, and an intriguing web that ties everyone together. A truly satisfying ending wraps it all up.

Kinsey turns 38 on May 5, 1988, and Henry returns home in time to celebrate with her.

Only three more books to read….so sad as the alphabet ends with Y. 😦


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