Book Review: “The Oracle” by Clive Cussler & Robin Burcell

Genre: Thriller

533 A.D. Bulla Regia, North Africa (Tunisia)

Seeking the advice of an Oracle the King and his brother hope to break a 100 year old curse before it ends in the death of the brother…..

“Know, O King, the Saturnalia is upon us. To break the curse, the sacred scroll must be returned by one who is of royal blood….”

Not finding the scroll, the curse remains, and the brother dies.

Present Day

Remi’s best friend from college, Dr. Renee LaBelle, is leading an archaeological dig in Bulla Regia, Tunisia that is funded by the Fargo Foundation.

Sam was studying the financials of that dig, when he found some discrepancies in the numbers. It seems like someone might be skimming money.

Not good.

Since Sam and Remi are heading to Nigeria (near the Gashaka Gumti National Park) to check on the progress of a Girl’s School they are building, they decided to swing by Tunisia to talk to Renee and her new site manager, Hank, to see if they can figure out the financial discrepancy.

A normal business trip for the Fargos.


The road trip to Tunisia and Nigeria turns out to be a rousing danger-filled Clive Cussler adventure involving: An ancient curse, pickpockets, gunfights, murder, deceit, kidnapping, flash floods, the keeper of the ancient treasure maps and direct descendant of the oracle from 533 A.D., mystery, a treasure hunt, and a young girl, Nasha, who…….

……to find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“The Oracle” is a fast, fun, action-packed adventure that is impossible to put down (even though you have to occasionally). The list of characters in the beginning of the book is invaluable as there is a LOT of stuff going on, and LOTS of people doing said stuff. And, yes, Cussler shows up to help Amal and Remi. So cool. 🙂

Actually, this was a normal Fargo business trip.


Hey, Robin…..I am ready for the next Fargo adventure. 😉



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