Short Story Review: “Switchblade” by Michael Connelly

Genre: Thriller

Emily Robertson works as the “sorter” in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Open-Unsolved Unit. Calls with info on cold cases come in to Emily, she sorts them, then hands the verified cases over to the unit’s detectives for further investigation.

Emily loves her job and Detective Harry Bosch loves seeing Emily when she makes her weekly rounds thru the unit, as he generally gets a cold case to work on.

This week, Emily gives Bosch information from an anonymous caller that convicted killer, Patrick Sewell, is the one who killed cold case Billy Ratliff in 1992.

Since Bosch has been working the Ratliff cold case, he now has new information to, possibly, pursue a second murder charge against Sewell.

What he finds is……

Oh, to find out what happens, you can download the short story for .99 cents. 🙂

I have the first Harry Bosch novel on my queue shelf…..guess I have to start a new series. 🙂


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