Book Review: “Hands Up” by Stephen Clark

Genre: Thriller

“Hands Up” is an ARC sent to me by Stephen Clark. It is due in “stores” at the end of September 2019.

Ryan is a young cop in Philly. His older partner, Greg, pulled over a black kid driving an SUV just to harass him. Things got out of hand and Ryan shot and killed the unarmed Tyrell.

Greg and Ryan came up with a lie and ran with that changing / deleting the evidence to match their lie.

Little do they know……

Jade is a part-time student at Temple and a bartender at a local bar (Mac’s Tavern). As a kid, fatherless, Jade handled stress… cutting herself. Tatoos hide the physical scars, but, the mental scars remain. Tonight she cuts herself again.

Jade is Tyrell’s sister…..

Kelly has just returned to Philly after being down south for the last ten years or so. A former enforcer (i.e. assassin) for a Philadelphia gang, Kelly ran away from his family to save them, and himself.

Kelly is Jade and Tyrell’s dad…..

Told from the perspective of Ryan (first person narrative), Jade, and Kelly “Hands-Up” is both disturbing, and, then, shocking. A grim look at both sides of a police shooting (Ryan and his family, and Tyrell’s family via Jade and Kelly) that is emotionally powerful and moving, only to ratchet up the shock and intrigue with a dangerous love affair, cover-ups, lies, racism, manipulation….

……and murder.

Whew…..I had to put the book down (a lot!) to recover from the stress.

To see what happens, you will have to buy the book when it comes out! 🙂


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