Book Review: “The Charlemagne Pursuit” by Steve Berry

Genre: Thriller

November 1971

Cotton Malone’s dad, Forrest, was commanding a top secret mission using a small top secret submarine, the NR-1A (aka the USS Blazek). There was a malfunction in the nuclear power plant, then a fire, then the sub disappeared…all on board were presumed dead.

Mission not Accomplished.

Present Day

Cotton Malone has spent his whole life wondering what happened to his dad, and has just received a document from his old boss in the Justice Department’s Magellan Billet, Stephanie Nelle, that, he hopes, can explain what happened so many years ago. But, before he got a chance to read it, two people attacked him in an attempt to get it.

One died. And the other one failed.

But, now, Cotton knows that other people want this document, and that he needed to turn on his special agent skills (which he keeps at bay as a bookseller in Copenhagen) so he can find out who wants this document, and why……and stay alive.

The document not only answers some of Cotton’s questions, it also, opens the door to many many more questions: Which can change human history and change our views of how ancient civilizations evolved.

Danger and murder follow as Cotton tracks down the people who want this document and one very powerful individual in government who wants Cotton dead.

“The Charlemagne Pursuit” is a great romp through history and around the world culminating in Antarctica! Lots of action, intrigue, and twists and turns. You’ll love it!

But……grab some tissue for the last few pages….you will need it. 🙂


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