Book Review: “The Redeemer” by Jo Nesbo

Genre: Thriller

1991 Croatia

A young Croatian messenger was unafraid of anything. Seeing the war was not going well for his side, he volunteered to attach explosives to Serbian tanks as they tried to attack his home town of Zagreb.

This young messenger did such an outstanding job, his commander gave him a nickname that stuck with him:

The Redeemer.

1991 Norway

At a Salvation Army retreat, teenagers, Jon, Robert, Rickard, and several others were feeling the effects of hormones while trying to attract the attention of teenage girls.

A normal part of growing up……until one of the teens raped one of the girls.

December 2003 Norway

The Redeemer is now a hired assassin with one last job to do. Kill a Salvation Army up-and-coming executive: Jon Karlsen.

Harry Hole is saying goodbye to his mentor Bjarne Moller who is changing positions and towns. Harry now needs to work with a new boss, Gunnar Hagen, who may not be as tolerant of Harry’s indiscretions as Bjarne had been. But, Harry has been sober for awhile now (he is finally getting over his breakup with Rakel, and her son Oleg), and Gunnar is seeing Harry at his best.

For now.

When a Salvation Army bell ringer is shot dead, Harry, Halvorsen, and Beate are back in action trying to solve an increasingly perplexing, and extremely dangerous, murder.

One of them dies.

To find out what happens, you will need to read the book.

“The Redeemer” is the 6th book in the Harry Hole series. It is a long complex book (500 pages) that rockets between plots as the tension rises to unbearable limits. A heart-wrenching death will bring tears to your eyes, so have tissue handy.

Watch the video as Nesbo gives you a quick overview. 🙂


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