Sofia Belinda is from Mexico where she endured unspeakable horror. Sofia cannot vote in the U.S. yet, but she watched the Presidential election until 2 AM and, sadly, knew her world would soon change.

When she arrived at her job of 5 years in a posh walled community, Senor and Senora had finished watching Fox News and were ready to celebrate.


This is #3 in a new series of short story summaries…. The stories are part of an anthology that will be in “stores” June 16, 2020. The anthology is published by Nasty Woman Press which this blogger is a member (scroll down to click on the logo). You can order “Shattering Glass” on Amazon Smile and support Drive Safe!. We love you and miss you so much, Carol.

Since these are short stories, my summary has to be even shorter.

Reject Racism, Embrace Diversity.

Here are a few more reviews / summaries you may like:

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