Book Review: “Bad Luck and Trouble” by Lee Child

Genre: Thriller

This book will be the subject of the second season of “Reacher” on Amazon Prime. I’m ready! 🙂

Calvin Franz is a passenger in a Bell 222 helicopter flying high over the southern Califonia desert.

Both his legs are broken and he is in a stretcher.

When the helicopter reaches it’s destination the other passengers… this fancy business helicopter that is now hovering over 1,000 feet in the air over the desert…….

Throw Calvin out the door!

17 days later, Portland, Oregon

Jack Reacher, former military policeman, now drifting on his own is broke.

He recently met a woman in Portland and had to pay for a couple of dinners.

Jack goes to an ATM to grab the few dollars he has left in his paltry bank account and finds that a deposit had been made:


WTF? Must be a mistake!

Being good with numbers, Jack, after visiting a local bank where he finds out that the deposit was from one Francis Neagley a former squad member in the military police….figures out that the deposit of 1030 is a 10-30 distress call.

Usng a pay phone to call Neagley’s office (Reacher has no cell phone), Jack learns that she is headed to LA and that Jack needs to find her and meet with her.

No problem….as Jack uses the money to get to LA and uses his knowledge of Neagley to find her.

When they finally meet…..Neagley tells Jack that former squad member, Calvin, was found dead in the desert, and that others are missing!


Oh, to see what happens you can wait for season 2 of “Reacher” on Amazon Prime, or you can read this book! 🙂

“Bad Luck and Trouble” is the second book I have read from Lee Child and it is absolutely terrific! Super fast with twists and turns that will hurt your neck…..and danger around everyone of those turns.

In this book, we meet Reacher’s whole military police squad…..well, kinda.

The other book I have read from Lee Child…..season 1 of Reacher. 🙂

The trailer for season 1:


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