I accept ARC’s but only those that have not yet been published.

I may limit ARC’s accepted to one a month so I have ample time to read them. I am a slow reader….arrrggghh.

If you can send 2 REAL books (one to read and one to set free for our charity) that would be great.  🙂

Email Me at:


Some books that have been set free:

book drop starbucks by raleys

Our 2017 Scholarship winner grabbed this book. 🙂

book drop at starbucks

ARC due out in August 2017

books for Bohn

Books donated to teachers who lost classrooms in a fire

book drop china wok

Book drop by China Wok in Tracy, CA

book drop city hall

Book dropped by City Hall

rick book donation

Rick donated a ton of books to drop.

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  1. Mike –

    “The Peril of Thyself” is a business thriller I authored and it was recently released to the market in December of 2015. It is fast moving, fun and has all the elements of good thriller. I would be honored if you would review it. The link is below but I would be happy to send you a pdf of the manuscript.



    • Ok. Sounds like “fun”. Send me the PDF and I will see how to read that. I have been enjoying real books lately, though. 😀. Also read my “Off Your Boss” micro horror stories. I dont have the humor the Dilbert author has of his work days. Haha

  2. I’m interested in having a book reviewed, The Advocate, due for release August 1, 2009. I’d also be interested in your Tracy Virtual Office and your virtual book four using Skype. Please let me know my next step and where to send the book.


    Teresa Burrell

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