Book Review: “No One Heard Her Scream” by Jordan Dane

no one heard her scream

Genre: Mystery / Romance

3.5-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews


Rating: 3.5 Water Towers

“No One Heard Her Scream” is a First Look early reader edition from HarperCollins.It was delivered to stores this month.

Mixing romance with mystery, Jordan Dane introduces characters that jump off the page and land, vividly, in your imagination.The heroine, Rebecca Montgomery, is a troubled police detective assigned to investigate a possible arson where skeletal remains have been discovered.As Rebecca uncovers clues, her life is surprisingly and dramatically altered.“No One Heard Her Scream” is an exciting, easy-to-read, debut novel that leaves the reader craving more.I am definitely looking forward to reading Jordan Dane’s next novel.

Rebecca Montgomery is a San Antonio detective suffering from the disappearance and apparent murder of her younger sister, Danielle, five months earlier (Danielle’s body has never been found, but, a blood stained motel room proves she had died there). Unhappy with the pace of the investigation into her sisters’ murder, Rebecca has gotten herself in trouble by interfering with the case when she has been ordered to stay away.

Instead of forcing Rebecca to take vacation, her boss,Lieutenant Santiago assigns Rebecca to investigate a suspected arson case at a local theater where a body (or rather skeleton) has been found behind a wall.

Arriving at the scene, Rebecca notices a mysterious man watching her as she enters the building. Inside, she starts her investigation and vows to solve the case so that the family of the dead person can reach closure. Rebecca also asks for video to be taken of the people watching outside, and license plate numbers. After leaving the theater, she follows mystery man (he knows she is following him). They have coffee and the heat intensifies……

The license plate information identifies the mystery man as Diego Galvan.He works for Global Enterprises with super rich Hunter Cavanaugh who, coincidently, used to own the theater where the skeleton was found.

Verrry interrresting.

The skeleton is tentatively identified as Isabel Marquez and the list of suspects grows as Rebecca digs deeper. And more girls disappear. The FBI suspects human trafficking by one of the suspects, but, the evidence does not point in the right direction for Rebecca to be convinced.

We find out that Diego is not what he seems as he an Rebecca ignite the passion.

Eventually, Rebecca and Diego’s world is turned upside down and the action and danger increases exponentially.

Does Rebecca find out who killed Isabel? Is Diego bad? Does Hunter figure into the mix? Who lives, who dies?

Like I always say: You’ll just have to read the book to find out.


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