Book Review: “Black Wind” by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Genre:  Adventure Thriller

Rating:  3 Water Towers

“By the time the chimera ran its course, tens of millions would lie dead in the U.S., with untold more around the world.  Not a family would go unscathed by its black touch….”

In “Black Wind” Clive and his son Dirk have given us a thrill ride of an adventure starring Dirk Pitt, Al Giordano, Dirk Pitt Jr., and Summer Pitt.  In this book, Dirk Jr. and Summer have the starring roles, but, Dirk Sr., is the one who ultimately saves the day.

Luckily Dirk Jr. is near the Aleutian Islands conducting tests for NUMA when two Coast Guardsmen are struck dead,  and a group of CDC scientists are taken ill (from the same ill wind) a little further inland.  Investigating the deaths in his NUMA helicopter, Dirk finds a fishing boat that opens fire on Dirk, shooting him down.  Luckily he survives.

Something is up, but, Dirk does not yet know what. 

The pieces start to come together and it turns out that in WWII two Japanese submarines (with the capability to launch aircraft) were sent in the final days of the war, to the west coast of the U.S. to spread biological terror.  Fortunately, neither sub made it all the way, but, one did send (before it was sunk) one round onto an isolated beach in Oregon, killing several people.

Now it seems as though someone evil (South Korean mulit-millionare, Kang) has recovered the biological cargo from the sunken submarines and has modified it to be more lethal than ever.  The plan is to murder millions of people in the U.S. and, while the world’s attention is on the U.S., North and South Korea will become one again.  By force. 

But…we all know that the Pitts and Al save the day with help from everyone else in NUMA.  It has to be that way, but, getting to the ending is quite an adventure.

I particularly look forward to the part when Clive Cussler himself helps save Dirk and Al (or, now, Dirk Jr. and Summer).   Often, Dirk and Al, comment how familiar Clive Cussler looks, but, Dirk Jr. and Summer have not run across Clive that often so they only are amazed at how much he looks like Dirk Sr.

One word of advice to the bad people:  The next time you get the chance to kill any one of the Pitt’s or Al, do so.  Do NOT tie them up, chain them to a wall, lock them in a storage room, or chase after them in a car.  Just put a bullet in their head when you have the chance.  As all those before you have found out….the good guys will get free, and you will not make it to the next book. 

I leave my real world behind when I read Clive Cussler.  But that is what “fiction” is….a place to escape from the realities of this increasingly messed up world.   I hope Dirk Cussler has plans to carry on the tradition!  

Oh yeah….if you watch the movie “40 year old virgin” watch for the the scenes near, and in, the bookstore where “Black Wind” advertising is on display.  


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