Book Review: “Trust No One” by Gregg Hurwitz


Genre: Thriller

Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers

For years, Nick Horrigan woke up at 2:18 AM.

There is a reason.  Seventeen years ago his step-father (A Secret Service agent protecting Vice President Caruthers) was murdered.   That night, Nick had slipped out of the house (turning off the alarm) to lose his virginity on the schools pitchers mound (hey…some offers you just cannot refuse when you are 17 years old).  Nick came back home (at 2:18 AM) in time to see an intruder leave, and follow a trial of blood that lead to his step-father.  Nick held Frank in his arms until Frank died.

Franks dying words haunted Nick:  “W….? W-why?”

Nick was forced to run, but, 17 years later, he felt the past was finally behind him and he returned to his home town (LA).

Tonight at 2:18 AM,  Nick was awake when men dressed in black forced their way into his apartment and took him to the scene of a terrorist threat to blow up the holding tanks at San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The terrorist asked for Nick, and the Secret Service (the intruders) thought that Nick was involved even though they knew, and respected, Frank.

Once at San Onofre, Nick was sent inside with a cell phone to chat with the terrorist.  “Charlie” knew Frank and trusted him with his life.  Now that Frank was gone, Charlie felt the only person he could trust was Frank’s son (or rather step-son).  Charlie gave Nick a brass key.  “Your life is now on the line….trust no one” were the last words Charlie spoke before the cell phone blew his head off.

From this point on, Nick was determined to find out what secrets Charlie put in his trust.  Could they lead to information about Frank’s murder?  Was Frank bad?  Was he trying to stop something bad from happening? Was there something very big going on that could have national security implications?  And why now, 17 years after the fact?

A Presidential election campaign is underway.  The two candidates, incumbent President Bilton, and challenger, Senator Caruthers (VP when Frank protected him 17 years ago) are vying for votes.

Nick found where the key fit and discovered disturbing information that could implicate one Presidential candidate and more clues where additional information could be found.

Enlisting the help of his ex-girlfriend Induma and a homeless drunk, Homer, the three of them work to unravel the mystery, but….the closer they get, the more dangerous their world becomes.

Someone very powerful is watching, and that someone is willing to kill to keep the secret secret.

“Trust No One” is a very good book. This was an ARC sent to me by Gregg Hurwitz and I recommend you pick up a copy when it arrives in stores in June 2009. The ending is surprising and tense.

Trust no one….

Greg Hurwitz sent me this link  in an email!  VERY cool.  🙂  Trust No One!


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