Book Review: “Evil Without a Face” by Jordan Dane

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers (First of the “Sweet Justice” series.)

Nikki Archer is like many 17 year olds (as I am finding out with one of my own) unhappy, restless, and needing adventure.  Nikki found a friend on the Internet (a Russian girl nicknamed SnowMaiden) with similar angst and, better yet, a way for Nikki to escape the humdrum of Talkeetna, Alaska for a a better life.   The tickets have been purchased and Nikki’s escape from home has been planned.

Nikki leaves and her life changes more than she could ever imagine.  Globe Harvest has just acquired another teenager.

Jessica Beckett is a bounty hunter (with a difficult past) in Chicago.  She is chasing Lucas Baker a small time hoodlum she has been trying to nail for a long time.  This time she almost gets him.  Almost.  Lucas escapes one more time, but, not without losing his precious laptop computer to Jessica.

He will kill to get it back.

In the meantime, Jess hands the laptop to her colleague, the mysterious, Seth Harper…computer whiz extraordinaire. Seth discovers that the laptop files have been encrypted. But, he manages to break the code and gather some information from it. In addition to visits to a Globe Harvest owned web site, one message in particular is disturbing (from an Ivan Andreyevich Krylov) and touches a nerve in Jessica:

“Delivery from AK on its way to Chicago as agreed. ETA two days.”

Jessica realizes that the time frame for arrival is now…and she immediately sets out to intercept the delivery.

In Alaska, Nikki’s Uncle Payton Archer (and ex-pro QB) is on Nikki’s trail with the help of retired Alaska policeman, and long time friend, Joe Tanu. They know (after an investigation) she is on her way to Chicago and hope they can get there in time.

Back in Chicago, Seth is kidnapped and beaten by Lucas. To get Seth back, Jessica is forced to return the laptop, but, not without some enhancements installed by Seth that will enable Jess and Seth to track it’s location.

As Lucas is recovering the laptop, he is murdered, and all heck breaks out.

Alexa Marlowe, working for a secret organization called the Sentinels, witnesses Lucas’s murder and she, Jessica, and Payton join forces to try to find Nikki.

In a deserted warehouse complex, they almost succeed in rescuing Nikki and several other girls. But, Stas Petrovin, had planned for this eventuality with an escape plan that is literally……explosive.

“Evil Without a Face” is the second book I have read by Jordan Dane. The action is fast and furious, the plot is intriguing and the characters are flawed, likable, mysterious, and tough. I highly recommend picking up a copy!

Oh yeah….the reason the girls are kidnapped will shock you out of your seat. Needless to say…teach your 17 years olds not to go to far from home with people they know nothing about! Evil can indeed come without a face.

Also….it looks like “Evil Without a Face” is (? Jordan Dane can confirm ?) the first of a new “Sweet Justice” series, with an excerpt (and answer to what happened to one of the “Evil” characters) of “The Wrong Side of Dead” at the back of this book.


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