"Drive By Wire" by Mike Pihlman

Information: Recent events have brought to light the ever increasing use of computers in automobiles.  It turns out that stepping on the brake is now a virtual movement where your physical foot pressure is interpreted by a computer.   Pretty soon computers will drive your car.

Boss does not care about anyone but himself.  If he had cared, maybe he would have treated people differently when review and raise time rolled around.  But, nooooo, not Boss, if it did not pertain to him, he did not care.

Boss is having his car fixed.  Like everything else Boss owns, this is one fancy machine.  It includes the latest GPS, computer voice recognition, on board Internet access with heads-up display….the works.

Henry is a star mechanic.  Not only does he understand the way cars used to work, he is also a software wizard and up-to-date on the way cars work now.  He is also a good friend of one of Boss’s employees.

As Boss is driving home via Patterson Pass his car takes control and ups the excitement factor to 90 miles per hour.  Boss screams and does everything in his power to stop the car (like slamming on the brakes, turning the ignition off, trying to get into neutral).

Problem is, he is no longer in charge.  The fancy car is, and it decides to see how far it can fly off the edge of Deadman’s Curve.

Pretty far, actually.

Funny how Boss is suddenly in a caring mood.


Copyright April 12, 2010 Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  Patterson Pass is real, but, this is a work of fiction.


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