Book Review: "M is for Malice" by Sue Grafton

Genre:  Mystery

Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers

It has been awhile since I read a Sue Grafton book.  Like an old friend, comfortable slippers, a good cup of coffee, and man’s best friend lying next to you…I completely enjoyed “M is for Malice”.   I am taking some time off to get back to my favorites, this is the first.

Kinsey Millhone is a private investigator in Santa Teresa, CA (a fictional town resembling Santa Barbara).  Over the last few books Kinsey has been meeting, however reluctantly, long lost family members.

In “M is for Malice” one of her “new” relatives, Tasha Howard is a lawyer for the Malek family (owners of the Malek Construction company).  The patriarch of the family has recently passed away and there is an old will, but, a more recent will has disappeared.  The missing will was thought to exclude the black sheep of the family, Guy Malek, who left 18 years ago and has not been seen since.  Since the old will is in effect, all the boys of the Malek family stand to receive their $5 million share of the inheritance…including Guy.

Kinsey’s job, should she choose to accept it, is to find Guy, or at least find out what happened to Guy.

Meeting with the family, Kinsey finds out that Guy was nothing but trouble as a teen.  The family thinks the newer, missing, will should be enforced, and are not happy that Guy may be getting $5 million.

Kinsey finds Guy, and finds that she likes him. He is a born again Christian, a handyman, and is living a simple, happy, life about 80 miles from Santa Teresa.  His days as a troublemaker are far behind him.

Wanting to resolve the past problems between him and his family, Guy, decides to meet with them (against Kinsey’s advice).

Bad move on Guy’s part.

To find out what happens you will have to read “M is for Malice”. Needless to say, this is another great Sue Grafton mystery where the clues come ever so slowly until all the puzzle pieces are in place and the case is solved.

“M is for Malice” brings the reader up to speed on Henry (Kinsey’s octogenarian landlord), Rosie (owner of Rosie’s restaurant),  and William (Henry’s younger also 80 something brother).  We meet Tasha, Kinsey’s long lost cousin, and catch up on Kinsey’s ex-lovers Robert Dietz and Police Lieutenant Jonah Robb.  Kinsey and Dietz do some catching up of their own.

Old home week…and oh so satisfying.


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