Book Review: “Divine Justice” by David Baldacci

Book Review

Genre: Fiction Thriller

Rating:  4 WaterTowers

Divine, Virginia

“What cover are you using?” Annabelle asked.

“Said I was a writer looking to set a novel in a small mountain town.  Everybody seemed to accept it okay.  I guess I look like a writer, ” he added smugly.

Not exactly.  If you know the members of the Camel Club, Reuben looks more like a special operations operative football player turned killer.

“Divine Justice” starts with Oliver Stone (aka John Carr) in the Chesapeake Bay after jumping off a 30 foot cliff behind the property of the now dead Carter Gray,  former CIA head.  A victim of a well placed sniper round to the head. But not before he knew he was going to die, and who was going to kill him.

Previously, miles away, Senator Roger Simpson, met a similar fate. Reading his newspaper at the breakfast table when a sniper’s bullet slammed into his chest, killing him instantly.  But not before he knew he was going to die, and who was going to kill him.

The living Camel Club members (Caleb, Reuben, Alex, and Annabelle) have not seen Oliver for several months, but, when they heard the news of the deaths of these two high ranking officials…they knew everything they needed to know.

Joe Knox is the best tracker in the U.S. Government.  He is close to retirement, and is growing tired of the strain of his unusual job.  His task, given to him by U.S Intelligence operative, Macklin Hayes, is to find Oliver Stone.

But, Joe has an uncomfortable feeling about this task.  Something in his gut.  As he starts his search he is compelled to find out more about Oliver Stone / John Carr.  What he finds stuns him, and also forces him to go silent until he finds Stone and figure out what to do after he does.

Meanwhile, Oliver escapes and boards an Amtrak train bound for New Orleans where he plans to start the next phase of his mysterious life.  On the train, a young man, leaving home for a better life, is beaten by some thugs.  Not one to sit around, 60 + year old Stone kicks the thugs asses and is promptly kicked off the train with the person he helped,  Danny Riker from Divine, Virginia.

Catching a bus that will take them near the backwater town of Divine, Danny and Oliver (Ben to Danny) walk the rest of the way into town.

What happens in Divine is the subject of the rest of the book.

Oliver Stone is the country ‘s most wanted criminal, but, Divine is a perfect hiding spot where no one would think of looking.  But there are violence and secrets in Divine that nearly kill Oliver and do kill several other characters.  Murder, suicide, beatings, a crazed prison warden, and drug abuse are rampant.

Divine, Virginia is not a fun place to be.

Luckily, the Camel Club members have joined the search for Oliver hoping that they can find him before the very lethal Joe Knox does.

No such luck…oh, sorry….to find out what happens next, you will have to read “Divine Justice”.  I will tell you that it is a typically awesome David Baldacci book (but you know I am biased….hey at least, unlike politicians, I tell you).   🙂


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