Book Review: “O is for Outlaw” by Sue Grafton



Genre:  Mystery

3.5-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews(Kinsey solves another mystery)

In “O is for Outlaw” Kinsey Millhone’s ex-husband, Mickey, is close to death in an L.A. hospital.  He was shot.

Kinsey has not talked to Mickey for some time, but, is curious as to how Mickey got himself in this predicament and spends time looking into his recent activities.

What she uncovers are old friends and new deceits.

Kinsey solves the mystery but how she does it…… I will leave to you.  “O is for Outlaw” is an interesting book (as are all the letter books).  Comfortable.  I love how Kinsey keeps unraveling the string slowly but surely until the solution presents itself.  Vintage Grafton.



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