Book Review: “King and Maxwell” by David Baldacci

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Genre: Thriller

3.5-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews (Michelle finally gets Presidential Duty)

Sam Wingo is a special operations soldier on a mission to deliver valuable cargo in Afganistan.  He has orders that the payload is not to be taken, even if it means taking his own life (there is a bomb on the truck with a dead man’s switch: He lets go of the switch and the cargo is vaporized along with anyone within range of the bomb).

Sam makes it to his final destination, but, the greeting party is not who he expected. They claim to be CIA (and have the creds to back them up) and inform Sam that the mission has changed. Wingo does not trust them, and, using the bomb switch to keep them at bay, he makes his escape.

At home, Wingo’s son, Tyler is running away from home after he learned of his fathers “death”.  Sean and Michelle happen upon Tyler on a dark rainy road and Michelle jumps out to find out what is wrong.

What they find out about Tyler, his new mother, and his father, intrigue them enough to get involved trying to find out what happened to Sam in Afganistan and why the Army appears to be covering it up.

“King and Maxwell” rockets forward as the two intrepid PI’s (and former Secret Service agents) uncover layer upon layer of deceit as they slowly uncover the reason the cargo has been stolen.

The stability of the world is in their hands.  And Michelle, who was released from the Secret Service before her time in the Presidential detail, finally gets her chance.

Interesting technology as Edgar Roy from “The Sixth Man”, becomes an integral part of the team unraveling the technological aspects. The premise for the person behind the deceit seems a bit weak, but, I suppose insanity knows no bounds.


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