Book Review: “Q is for Quarry” by Sue Grafton

Blaze and Q

3.5-Watertowers(Cold Case Unsolved Murder)

In 1969, a girl was found murdered in a quarry near Lompoc, CA.  That girl was never identified and the killer never found.

It is now 1987 and Kinsey has just had a meeting with her old friend Lt. Dolan who is on medical leave from the Santa Teresa Police Department.

Dolan tells her about a friend of his, Stacey Oliphant, from the Sheriff’s Department who is retired and being treated for Hodgkins lymphoma. While he waits to die, he is working, part-time, on the quarry cold case. Dolan is helping because he and Stacey are the ones who found the body. They have a personal interest.

Dolan wants to know if Kinsey might be interested in helping Dolan and Stacey take a shot at solving the murder?

Since nothing exciting is happening in her life at the moment, Kinsey agrees to help.

Visiting the quarry, Kinsey recognizes the area and the people helping the trio recognize her.  It turns out that Kinsey’s long estranged Grandmother, Grand, owns the house adjacent to the scene of the crime.

Small world.

Kinsey, Dolan, and Stacey, start unraveling the clues and find themselves traveling to small towns near the California / Arizona border where they follow a tangled trail of clues drawing them closer and closer to the killer, and danger.

Will they solve the case?  Will they live?

To find out you have to read “Q is for Quarry” an exciting mystery based on a real-life incident in the Santa Barbara / Lompoc area.


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