Book Review: “The Enemy Inside” by Steve Martini

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Genre: Legal Thriller

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Steve Martini had a Facebook contest to win a free book.  I was one of the winners!  As such, I was sent an ARC of “The Enemy Inside” about a week before it came out on May 12, 2015.  Being a slow reader, I just finished it yesterday.

A complex legal thriller combining interesting characters, history, politics, cutting-edge technology, and current events in a rousing thriller that leaves you breathless and wanting more…..

Business is off at the criminal defense law firm of Paul Madriani and Harry Hinds after they helped authorities nab the killer, Liquida, in the last book.  Paul Madriani tells us (the book is written in first person) that “this was the kiss of death, Satan giving Gabriel a gold star…..Referrals on cases dried up like an Egyptian mummy….”

Paul’s daughter, Sarah (who is now in her mid-twenties!), has a friend, Alex Ives, who is is being charged with vehicular manslaughter after he is involved in a rural automobile accident.

Paul and Harry reluctantly take his case.  “Ahhh….Harry says…”We are now reduced to this”.  

Interestingly, and not so coincidentally, the occupant of the other car was a prominent Washington D.C. attorney, Olinda Serna, who Alex was researching for a story for the “Washington Gravesite” political blog.  Alex survived the crash when a passerby pulled him from his burning car.  He was very lucky, but, remembers nothing after he arrived at a party several hours earlier.

After some investigation, Paul and Harry (and investigator Herman Diggs) start to piece together a web of deceit (apparently lead by a man with an Eagle-handled cane) that reaches the highest levels of several governments (USA, China, and Switzerland), and the use of technology that can control modern computer-based automobiles….remotely.

“The Enemy Inside” ultimately connects multiple seemingly disparate plot lines in a rousing, breathtaking ending that leaves the reader wanting more. Vintage Martini.

It takes Steve Martini a few years to come out with a new book and I am always waiting anxiously for the next Madriani installment. I am never disappointed.

To see what happens in “The Enemy Inside” you will have to buy the book! 🙂  But I will leave you with this tidbit:

“I suspect this is what happens when you rub up against the rich and powerful in D.C., flecks of gold wrapped in bouquets of garbage rain down.”

PS: I am a Martini nerd from way back as I found (while I was on a business trip): Miguel’s Cantina, the Brigantine Restaurant, and the office spaces where Paul and Harry have their offices. I have pictures somewhere and will post them if I ever find them!


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